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 Main Information

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PostSubject: Main Information   Sun Mar 20, 2011 2:01 pm

What is PDFRPG?
Originally written by Tokyokit with edits by…

PDFRPG is a Pokémon-related, forum biased RPG created by me, Tokyokit, with a bit of inspiration from a few other RPGs out there.

What can we do here?
In PDFRPG, there are currently two major things to do, and we are working on one or two more. You can currently Battle in the Battle Zone, or you can catch Pokémon in the Safari Zone. We are working on Pokémon Musicals and new ways to earn money, and, if wanted, Pokémon Contests (Although I myself never really did like the idea of them), and possibly even a Pokethlon.

Where do I post?
To start out with, you must register yourself at the Registration Headquarters. Then, you can make your Trainer Stats in the Housing District and collect your money you got from the start at the bank. From here, you get to do the fun stuff. Now you can battle, buy items, go to the Safari Zone, and get events. Note that you must meet some circumstances to enter events.

What do I need to do to enter events?
There is one type of event that anyone can enter, no matter what. Holliday Events. Holliday Events are events that we set up for the holidays. Note that we run by the American holidays, and I will, once in a while, try to look up other holidays.

Active PDFRPG Heads:

Active PDFRPG Officials:
No Officials, only Heads at this point.

Inactive Heads and Officials:
Mia Fey
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Main Information
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