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 Inactivity Clean-up;remodeling coming soon.

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Inactivity Clean-up;remodeling coming soon. Empty
PostSubject: Inactivity Clean-up;remodeling coming soon.   Inactivity Clean-up;remodeling coming soon. Icon_minitimeMon May 30, 2011 12:48 pm

I will be deleting all inactive (Less than one post within a month) members that I can find which, sadly, is most of the forum.

Also, I will be making a new PokeDarkness forum soon, one on a different bord hoasting thing (Not Vbulliten, or really anything that costs any money). So please tell me some good ones. It could be InvisonFree, Proboards, Neoseeker (Whatever its called) or some other forum thing you can think of. Please tell me by June 5th, for tby then I will get impatient and grumpy if this site is still up. Note that I will ATTEMPT to keep the layout, but this may not work well.
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Inactivity Clean-up;remodeling coming soon.
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