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 Money Pickup

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PostSubject: Money Pickup   Money Pickup Icon_minitimeTue Apr 19, 2011 12:13 am

Reffs, Rangers, Shop owners, Mods and Officials can get their weekly paychecks here.

How do Rangers, Referees, and Shop Owners get their pay checks?
These people must PM DemonicWolf or myself with, if you were a Ranger or Reff, anything you Rangered/reffed that is completed or mostly completed. I will give you $5 per each good reffing/rangering, $10 per OK one, and $15 per great one. For store owners, you must PM DemonicWolf or myself with the customers you have had, and a link to their posts. we will give you $5 per customer. We will give you $10 if, and only if, the members have an average of $100 or more spent.

How do Mods and Officials get their pay?
The Mods and Officials will get a PM stating how much money they get. If you helped a lot, you could get a lot of money, about $100 or more. If you did a bit of work, you could get around $50. If you hardly did any work, you will get a quite low amount of money, close to $10.

I will post each weeks earnings in this thread. About 5 or so weeks will be in one post to save space.
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Money Pickup
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