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 PokeDarkness Rules

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PostSubject: PokeDarkness Rules   PokeDarkness Rules Icon_minitimeSat Mar 19, 2011 2:37 pm

PDF Rules
They are the rules, read them, learn them, like them.

1.) Swearing.
Swearing is fine, but it is not OK if you direct it towards another member. For example, you cannot say “You fucking bitchassed idiot! You are so fucking dumb!”, yet you can say “Damn, that sucks.”

2.) Double Posting/Thread Posting.
This isn’t allowed. I admit, if you actually majorly update it, you can double post, but not for no reason, not to edit. There is an edit button for a reason. For wtiring Fan Fictions and posting new art to an Art Shop/Gallery, you may double post. Otherwise stay away from doing it.

3.) SPAM/Short, Pointless, annoying messages.I will accept none of this. This shall include meaningless posts, threads, and topics. You can VM these pointless things.

4.) Respect.
I admit, you may disagree with anyone, that’s fine, but don’t harass anyone and don’t intentionally be rude without reason. Just because someone was rude or mean does not give you immunity to this rule. If someone was rude to you and you were rude back, you will both be punished.

5.) Trolling.
Trolling, or flame bait, is not allowed. If we catch you doing so, we will warn you Via PM. This means you cannot post something that will most likely make the opposing member to react harshly, possibly disrespecting you. The opposing member will not get in as much trouble as the person whom started it will.

6.) Pornography/pron.
Under no circumstances will you ever be allowed to post a link or image to a porn photo or website. This includes posting images of Blue Waffles, it’s just gross.

I have the right to edit these rules as I wish, along with the other Admins. Side-admins may give ideas.

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PokeDarkness Rules
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