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 House Of Night

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PostSubject: House Of Night   Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:50 pm

It was a normal day at your school. You were talking to your friend, living your life, learning in your school. But after minutes of talking with your friend a guy in a black suit walks over to you and marks you. Leaving you with a sapphire cresent moon on your forhead and to leave your life and start a new one. You were forced to leave your friends and family behind, leave your old life, and leave your school behind. On your arrival to the House Of Night, Neferet, the High Priestess of the school invites you to change your name and stay until you change by you body rejecting and accepting its change. Will you survive? Do you see more than just Neferet's mysterious personality towards you?

Two floored stone built building with a wooden inside walls, and floors. Inside there is a rec room, a dining hall, and a room for instruments. To the left of the school is the boy and girl dorms. The dorms have enough room for 20 students each. To the right is the library, media center, and the dorms for the professors. Around the whole school and dorms, is a cement 8 foots tall wall.
Outside the school, is a thick forest and then a town a mile away.

1. All the characters here are either a professor, or fledgling. You pick which one you are.
2. Use the form to join.
3. Have fun.

House Of Night Set-Up <- Join there!
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House Of Night
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