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 Shop of Shops

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PostSubject: Shop of Shops   Shop of Shops Icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 10:27 am

Shop of Shops

You enter the second biggest building in town, the Shop of Shops. People are running around with papers, others saying either “Yes” or “No” to the papers. You start to wonder what these insane papers are until you see someone’s paper. It seems to be a Shop Acceptance place.

Do I need to get my shop accepted here?
Yes, unless you are a PDFRPG head. DFRPG Officials, however, must be accepted by one of the two heads. The Officials (Unless you are one yourself) and the heads may accept you, unless stated otherwise (Such as, unless someone else is in the list of people whom may accept you at the bottom). At least two of the people from that list must accept you for you to be able to post your shop.

What won’t get approved no matter what?
Well, we are still thinking of that, really. All we know currently is that we will not be allowing any repeat shops, such as shops we already have. We also won’t be allowing anything with prices too high or too low for either what the item is or how much it would cost in PDFRPG normally.

Can there be any sales at the start?
Yes, if you wish to. You may make a ½ off for the first ten users who buy something successfully at your shop. Adding a 24 hour thing really won’t do, some people have different time zones and all, so yeah.

People whom may accept/decline your shop
Tokyokit-Head of PDFRPG
DemonicWolf-Head of Safari Zone-Second in charge
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Shop of Shops
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