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PostSubject: Referee Information   Referee Information Icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 12:07 pm

Is there anything I need to be able to be a Referee?
To be a Referee in PDFRPG, you will need to know your math facts (x(multiply), / (devide), +, -). You will also need a Pokémon Inforation site that is correct. Serebii, Veekun, and Bulbapidia are good ideas of things to use.

HP/Damage modifications/Status effects

All Pokémon should have their Max Base HP for level 100 with modifications if, and only if, the person used a HP-upper-thing.

There are to never be a SINGLE OHKO move. Ever. If the attack does more than the max base HP, the move will fail. We want to give all members the chance to attack. If a damaging move had a change of a Major status effect, look at the percentage. If it is a fraction, you can either look up what it is out of 100, or you can just look here.

½ of 100 is 50.
1/3 of 100 is 34 (Rounded up)
¼ of 100 is 25.
1/5 of 100 is 20
1/6 of 100 is 17 (Rounded up)
1/7 of 100 is 15

And so on. If you land on or bellow that number to see if the attack hits, the opposing Pokémon gets the status effect.

For Critical Hits, search, on Bulbapidia, Damage Modification, and go down to Critical Hits. If the Pokémon has Super Luck ability, or is holding Razor Claw or Scope lens, or uses the move Slash or any move with an increased CH rate, the Critical Hit percentage is 13. If it is a Farfetch’d or Chancey with their respected item, Stick or Lucky Punch, or had the ability Super Luck and is holding either Scope Lens or Razor Claw, the percentage is 25. If a Farfetch’d or Chancey with Stick or Lucky Punch uses a move with a raised CH rate, it is 33%. A Pokémon with Dire Hit, Focus Energy, and the Super Luck ability who uses a move with a raised CH rate had a percentage to CH at 50. The only way for a sure CH is if you use Storm Throw or Frost Breath.

If a Pokémon uses a move it has STAB on (Same Type Attack Bonus) it acts like a critical hit, and the damage is multiplied by 2. If a STAB move gets a critical hit, the Critical hit is not counted, but the move is still affected by STAB.

In the sunlight, Fire-type moves (not STAB moves, they stay multiplied by 2) get multiplied by 2 and Water Type moves get divided by 2. Grass-type moves have a 50% chance to be multiplied by 2. In the rain, it is the opposite.

To calculate the damage, you must find the Base Damage of the move being used. Find out if the opposing Pokémon is weak, Slightly resistant, or natural. If the move is resistant (Not Semi-resistant) the move fails, but energy is still subtracted. When normal, the base damage stays the same except for with STAB and Critical hits and misses.

How a round works
When the two opponents post their two or three moves, the one who posted first gets the first move unless the other person uses a move such as Fly, where the Pokémon moves first. Then, you must write out a RP/Fan fiction like post saying the moves they use when they use them (First person/second person/first person/second/first/second). An example would be in the Excabition.Senior Referees can just post a subtraction problem (Algorithm or equation) showing the Pokémon’s HP minus the damage done. Healing moves will (Apparently) be addition. If the damage done is more than the HP the Pokémon has, that Pokémon faints. Do this again and again until one or both sides win or draw.

Newbie reffs cannot post a simple addition or subtraction problem. Novices can ask one of the two PDFRPG heads or a Senior referee if you can. Senior Reffs can do whichever way they want, and the two heads can determine how much money a person gets if the opponent does not post within the Post Day max.

Links to use
Random.org- Random Number Generator with a Coin Flipper.
Bulbapidia-A great Pokémon Information site. Normally is the last to get new information due to them need to know if it is true.
Veekun- Another great Pokémon Information site. Is normally the first or second to get new moves and information.
Serebii- Yet another great Pokémon Information site. Normally the first or second with new information.

Active Referees
Tokyokit-SENIOR-Main Head of PDFRPG
DemonicWolf-SENIOR-Second in charge

Senior Referees

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PostSubject: Type chart and Status AIlments   Referee Information Icon_minitimeSun Mar 27, 2011 5:02 pm

Referee Information Pokemontypesheet

Status Ailments

Five main Status Ailments are known in the Pokemon World and here. You may only have one of them effecting your Pokemon at once. Other Status Ailments, however, you may have many effecting your Pokemon at a time. The max of Mini Status ailments is 8.

A burn tales away 1/8 of the burned Pokemon's HP each turn until cured. Along with this, Physical Moves are 50% less powerful than they normally are. Fire-type Pokemon may not be burned.

Frozen Pokemon can't move until the Freeze is cured, the ice thaws, or it is melted by Fusion Flare, Flame Wheel, Sacred Fire, Flame Blitz, or Scald. All Frozen Pokemon have a 20% chance to be thawed out on their turn, and they can use the moves that can melt the ice at any time durring the Freeze. In the bright sunlight, you cannot be frozen. Ice Type Pokemon can only be frozen by Tri Attack, and, in Generation IV-Ruled battles, Secret Power when it is used in snow or ice.

Paralyzed Pokemon will not be able to attack 25% of the time. Also, 25% of their main Speed goes down.

Poisoned Pokemon lose 12.5% of their HP every turn. Poison and Steel type Pokemon can't be Poisoned.

Sleeping Pokemon will be unable to attack for 1-5 turns at a time. If the user used Rest, it is only 2 turns, and it restores 1/2 of the Pokemon's HP per turn. Durring Sleep, the Pokemon can only use the moves Snore and Sleep Talk. All counters are reset to 0 if the Pokemon is sent back to the party.
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PostSubject: Re: Referee Information   Referee Information Icon_minitimeSun Mar 27, 2011 10:06 pm

Do you want to be a PDFRPG Referee? Great! Here's a little explanation on how you can do that.

1.) Experiance
You shouldn't just join, not battle at all, and then expect to be come a Reff unless you are really good. You should have at least two battles here or be a braniak and know how all this goes.

2.) Get farmiliar.
You should probably read the stuff that is above and search up some stuff on Veekun, Serebii, Smogon or Bulbapedia. Try to calculate damage of moves on random Pokemon, and mess around a bit.
  • Although you dont need to, you can try to, on a sheet of Notebook Paper, reff one of your own battles. If you are far off, you should find out what you did wrong. If you are right or really close, you can go on.

3.) Try your own skills.
Not everyone does this the same. Try to find out how you are best at reffing and test it at The Style Testers. There, someone will tell you if this way will work. Note that you can do 1/3 of a round (1 move per Pokemon), 2/3, or a full round.

4.) Take the Reff Test
If all of the above is done, you can ask one of the Testers if you can take the Reff Test. Here, you will need to do 1/3, 2/3, or a whole round depending on what the Tester asks you to do. If you pass, congratulations, you are now a Reff. If you don't pass (less than 4 correct), please try again after trying what the Testers tell you. Each Tester, if you don't pass or if you missed any, will tell you what made you miss it.

The Reff test has seven problems in which you are to complete. The first one is here, but the others are given to you via PM. If you fail the first, yet pass the rest, you will pass. You may miss up to three problems and still pass. We will tell you what you did wrong at the end, if you wish to.

Quote :
Mia Fey has sent out Arbok. Tokyokit sends out Umbreon.

Arbok (M)
Shed Skin

Umbreon (M)

Ok, Arbok. Use Crunch three times.

Shadow Ball-Assurance-Pursuit

Let's say that...
There are no Critical Hits.
Crunch does not lower Defense stat.

All things like this where you must write out the outcome and everything is worth 5 points. Choice answers give you 2 points. Other questions will give you the amount of points stated by the Head that you PM. You do not need to PM both of us, however we will both decide if you fail or pass.
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PostSubject: Re: Referee Information   Referee Information Icon_minitime

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Referee Information
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